So much has been happening to Sri Lanka in the past weeks especially that the civil war in some regions of Sri Lanka is still ongoing. Both Sri Lankan citizens and overseas investors are concerned about this matter since they have relatives and other business matters in the war areas that’s why they have to keep themselves updated with the happening of the country. If it’s a reliable source of news regarding the Tamil people you’re after, TamilNet is the most advisable publication.

Origins of TamilNet

The father of TamilNet is MuthuthambySreetharan. He graduated from Hartley College together with Karaveddy, Jaffina, and JeyachandranKopinath. Kopinath already has an experience with newspaper publishing as the main editors of a newspaper publication in Norway.

Style and Means

Unlike other publications, TamilNet’s style of writing is rather simple yet informative. They have been praised because of their direct-to-the-point reports. Though not as rich a country Sri Lanka may be, TamilNet’s reporters are set on the field with digital equipment. This is to transmit their written reports in shorter time even when not in the main office. Oftentimes, their reporters are settled on the Northern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka. Though in Tamil, their reports can still reach overseas because their articles are also being emailed to bilingual translators in countries like United States, Europe, and Australia.

Target reader

tamilnetThough TamilNet is said to be a publication in reference to the civil war in Sri Lanka, it has been found to be biased in some way. The articles published are mostly in favor of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the rebel group opposing the Sri Lankan government. Though not directly affiliated with the rebel group, TamilNet somehow became an instrument for them to deliver their propaganda.

Other incidents in the publication company had further supported this hunch. According to Mark Whitaker who worked with the former TamilNet senior editor, TarakiSivaram, there was one instance where a reporter was fired in the company because he was opposed to the LTTE. The ideology of the company is also opposed to that of the Sri Lankan government.

Journalist Killings

In Sri Lanka’s current situation, the country is definitely not a safe place for journalists. Several journalist killing incidents have already happened to TamilNet which were caused by certain Sri Lankan political parties. However, the government denies its conspiracy to the journalist killings reported.

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