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Indian former foreign secretary boycotted in Jaffna

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Tamil Net news is a Sri Lanka website that can provide news and feature articles in the country especially around the last civil war that had happened. The Tamil Net news was actually formed by the Sri Lankan Tamil people currently residing in the U.S.A. and their stories are reported in German, French and English. There is also Tamil Net news being delivered in Sri Lankan. Somehow the site was considered rebellious by the government.

How Tamil Net News Operates

Tamil Net news articles had been written in a very informative manner and the reporters were mostly in the North and East provincial villages in Sri Lanka. The reporters were properly supplied with the equipment they needed like the digital ones and the reports were created in Tamil to be forwarded to the translators or editors based in U.S.A., Australia, Europe, or Colombo. Recently there has been a Tamil News that also features the things happening around the neighboring countries of Sri Lanka. There was no entertainment page on its section unlike some of its counterpart. Tamil net is the only one that delivers an online newspaper outside of Sri Lanka with the purpose to reach Sri Lanka and they have high hopes to reach the people they have intended to reach.

The Credibility of Tamil Net News

The accuracy of report being delivered by Tamil Net news was also being challenged one time or another just like any online newspaper. It is perhaps due to its rising popularity among the neighboring countries which was adapted by that country. Due to its dominance, traditional printed papers were being replaced although some of the owners of the printed papers were also the ones that had decided to engage in online news delivery. One Sri Lanka special correspondent for a newspaper in India proved that the facts and figures delivered in Tamil Net news were checked and double sourced. A Sri Lanka analyst once stated that Tamil Net news is the unofficial herald of Tigers or LTTE although Tamil Net was also questioned by the LTTE.

tamil net newsThe question of credibility was brought up due to some dispute with time. The time the incident happened and the time an article was published was contradicting but in the end it has been cleared. Whatever they gather at their end, they always rely on their reporter on the field to bring them the correct news and current affairs. Tamil Net news owners do trust their reporters to give only the things based on facts as the operation of Tamil Net is in a remote area.