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Having your local news center gives you an advantage to be informed with what’s happening in your place. For Sri Lanka, the latest news is provided by Tamil Net. Through their online news services, Sri Lankans are informed up to date of the latest news and announcements in their area. News is delivered from a perspective of a resident in Tamil, but news is not slanted and free from biases for they ensure independence from their writers, reporters and contributors.

Behind every news in Tamil Net

tamil net

Running a news site means that you should have a lot of writers to help you deliver news from different places. In Tamil Net, contributing writers are the key for delivering news. With much conflict in Sri Lanka, these issues are voiced out because of the efforts of the writers. Aside from their resident writers, photographers and reporters, contributing news writers also help them gather news for publishing. They also receive an income for the volunteers helps in funding.

Tamil Net does not always publish news about the issues in Sri Lanka, but they have extended into other fields such as feature writing, photography and opinion writing. As for Tamil Net who is an independent news organization, being biased can be avoided for different people are delivering news. The fact that they have contributing writers, the news delivered in Tamil Net is viewed in a perspective of a resident in that place.

Money matters in Tamil Net

As said earlier, writers and contributors are all paid according to how they work in Tamil Net. But a question may be where do they get the funds for it? Tamil Net is a non-profitable organization too, so they get funds from the donation of the people. They do encounter financial needs, so they ask for help from those who can donate to them. Just like any other organizations, funds are necessary for the group to do their activities and projects. As for Tamil Net, they encourage people to donate funds for their organization to help them pursue their job as reporters in Sri Lanka.

Just like any other organizations, Tamil Net is not different in terms of having financial problems. However they still pursue their goal to deliver news to everyone in Sri Lanka, with the efforts of their news writers, reporters, photographers and contributing writers too, with the help of their donors, patrons and sponsors.

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